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Welcome New N.K.I. Students

We would like to give a big Team N.K.I. welcome to our newest students. William B., Jose, Caleb, Dusty, Kadrean,  and Donald .  We also want to welcome back  Mike a Black Belt of ours who has been out for along while dealing with health issues. We are really growing with new students calling and coming in everyday. At least a third of those are referrals from our current, past students, and friends. SO a BIG THANK YOU. To all of our Team N.K.I. supporters.

 Raffle Drawing
 Our raffle drawing will be in February, 
Remember you get one ticket for every class you attend, bring a friend and get 5 more, they sign up you get $20.00 to $50.00. You will also receive extra raffle tickets for sharing ads and videos on Face book, writing reviews and referring friends to our Facebook and website.



Our Monday night class has been past down from Adam Deffinger who recently moved out of state to his protease Issac Stout who is getting rave reviews. Congrats to you both. We are truly blessed at NKI to have 9 Active black belts teaching. There is never a shortage of instruction, learning, or pride in our students at Team NKI. Each one brings their own special gifts and talents to make us truly something worth experiencing. Come on by and give us a try. It's FREE so you have NOTHING to LOSE and EVERYTHING TO GAIN.

 March 2016

 It looks like spring in East Tennessee is going to be late arriving this year and we have lots of plans for the upcoming summer so we are going to take a week off for vacation this month. Don't worry though classes will continue as scheduled, as we have several Black belts who are able to run things in our absence. So be sure to come in and put them to the test. :)

 February 2016

 2015 was a very busy year indeed. Our M.M.A. and our Martial Arts classes have really grown. We have added more class times and are now open 6 days a week. All of our Black belts are assisting or teaching classes which allows Gregg and Brandon the needed time to travel out of town with the M.M.A. fighters, while our other martial arts classes continue uninterrupted. This is a source of Great Pride and Joy for us.  We expect continued growth and plan to add even more classes in the coming year.  We have several new Amateur fighters who are just getting started and some amateurs who are ready to move on to the Pro's. We also have many students who are making their way through the ranks in the Martial Arts at an amazing pace. Having more classes available makes it easier for us to fit into more schedules. We also have students who can still only attend a couple times per week, but have more days for them to choose from and allows them to try different styles and become more well rounded Martial Artists. All of our students and fighters have helped to make this possible and we want to


Congrats to Papa and Nathan on their wins at the tournament at Halls on the 27th. 



November 2015

 The Anti- Bully Program was a success and we all learned a lot about what bullying is and ways to help put a stop to it. This is something that we work on and address everyday here at N.K.I. The Halloween Costume Party was a great time. We were truly impressed by our young people who showed great patience, paid close attention and used very good manners. Our parents were very helpful and everyone had a lot of fun. Will, Zak, Abby and Aaliyah attended 14 of the 18 Anti- Bully classes, and Nathan brought a friend to 3 classes. We only have one fight this month. Freddie " Frogman" Walker is fighting in Pigeon Forge at Valor Fights New Blood Rising on November 7, 2015. Our rank test is on November 20, so we are very busy putting the polishing touches on our katas, practicing our grappling moves and studying our charts and history. We are also planning our annual pot luck, but a date has not been set just yet.

October 2015    Lots of Fun stuff in the works

 Fall has arrived and it is going to be a busy one.  There are at least two fights this month and our rank test is next month so we have a lot of work to do in class. It is Anti-Bully Month and we will be addressing this important issue in 18 classes this month. Anyone who attends at least 10 of the 18 classes or brings a friend to at least 3 classes will receive a certificate on Saturday Oct. 31.We will encourage our kids to give an invitation to anyone who is bullying them to attend our costume party. Does that sound strange, well it will make perfect sense if you attend these Anti- Bully classes. We are having a Halloween Costume party on Friday October 30, from 4 to 6pm. We will have food and treats, games and prizes. Please sign up on the list with the number of people that you will be bringing so that we can be sure to have enough food. Be sure and bring a friend or family member with you. We will have invitations that your child can take to school with them as well. Please let us know how many you will need.Don't forget that we have got the pay pal set up online, and will be sending out invoices to make paying your dues a little easier. It does cost us to do it this way, but hopefully it will prove to pay for itself in the convenience for everyone. Of course we will still take cash and checks at the school. Future card payments at the school are in the works. We will also be sending out emails about our Holiday Sale, Student Offers and Discounts soon so Please make sure that we have a working email address for you so that you don't miss out on these valuable offers. There will also be a Holiday Sale for our Online Store Customer's. Dates and times will be announced soon so be sure and watch for those ads and emails. If you need to send a working email please send it to . Remember to keep check on the website and facebook for the most recent updates, photos and videos. Feel free to share these and our ads and specials on your own timeline. Lots of fun things coming this fall and we don't want you to miss out on any of them.  See you in class. :)


September 2015

 We are off to a great start for the Fall Enrollment with several new student's and families joining us. We just want to make sure that everyone is keeping up on all the new things going on. So please be sure and add the website to your favorites and check it regularly. Lots of new and interesting things going on here. The NKI Newsletter will keep you up to date on Introductions of New students, Upcoming Raffles, Parties, Game Nights, etc.  Team NKI/Kickboxing   page will keep you up to date on all of our fighters, upcoming fights, results, ticket info and more, as well as our Tournament page for information on when, where, costs, and results and photo's. Please share your photo's with us so that we can add them to our gallery. Just send them to me at Some New and long awaited changes have finally happened. There is now a Specials & Payments page where you can now pay your dues online with debit, credit card or pay pal account. IMPORTANT NOTE: It can take 3 to 5 days for that payment to clear so if you choose this more convenient option please do so at least 5 days prior to the due date. On this page you can also find out about what our recent specials are and please share those with your friends, family, school and church groups. You can also find them on our Just click and share. Thank you for helping us to get the word out there.  There is also a NEW ONLINE STORE where you can now purchase our custom uniforms, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, pads, and lots of other equipment online. You can use your debit, credit, pay pal account and even pay pal credit for these purchases.  IMPORTANT NOTE: NO ORDERS WILL BE PLACED UNTIL THE FUNDS FOR THAT PURCHASE HAVE CLEARED. CUSTOM ORDERS ARE NOT IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE AND N.K.I. MAKES NO PROMISE OF TIMELY DELIVERY, AS WE ARE AT THE MERCY OF OUR DISTRIBUTOR. It is however a nice added feature that can come in very handy for birthday and Holiday gifts. So check it out and check back regularly to see what else is new. New Raffle will begin on October 1st and be drawn on December 15th, Plans for this years Halloween party are in the works now so be sure and keep check for the date and time to be announced soon. If you would like to help with the party preparations or have some suggestions please just let us know. We are looking forward to a busy and happy Holiday Season.         God Bless,

 August 2015

 Recently Master Gregg has been contacted about becoming involved with one of the top kickboxing organizations in the country. To his knowledge Team NKI is the only Knoxville... area full contact Isshinryu kickboxing and MMA dojo, having multiple champion's in both sports. At this time we are available to come to any local area Isshinryu school to help you develop your own full contact kickboxing team. We are also willing to teach any area Isshinryu owners and instructor's the tools to build their own successful full contact program. At this time Team NKI is also opening up tryouts for anyone willing to kickbox on a regional or national level. We're not asking you to leave your current dojo or become a member of Team NKI, as we feel that's unethical. We are however willing to help anyone with the desire to test their metal in the full contact arena. If you have an interest in full contact fighting contact us on Facebook, on here, call us  (865) 640-5579 or just drop by 6300 Maynardville Highway.

Several students took the summer off to play other sports, vacations and such, but They are all glad to be back in class and are eager to continue their training in the martial arts. All reported, that although they had fun doing other things they had in fact missed being here. 


 Oct. 2014
  A few months ago a Mom came to us and said, " I am not sure karate is the right thing for my child. I am concerned it might make him more aggressive or get him into more trouble." We have heard and even experienced these fears ourselves,but we assured her that it has been our experience to have the opposite effects on those children. This week that same Mom told us that she could hardly wait to see her child get his black belt and what great improvements she had seen in only a few short months. Truth is this could be any child in the class.

  June 2015

 A poll of the parent's showed that everyone had seen significant change in their children's Attitudes, Confidence, Athletic ability, Endurance and Attention span. They are very pleased with our program and pricing. They are actively referring other students to join at every opportunity.

August 2015
 Back to school and back to Karate class, YEAH!. :)   


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